Sea change comes with solar reflective, cool wall and cool roof paints and coatings, watch!


I’ve founded a “green” technology company that makes and distributes solar reflective, “cool wall” and “cool roof” coatings. After over 23 years in the painting industry, I am committed to help create the “sea-change” in the architectural coatings industry to effect mainstream specification and use of these highly heat reflective paints and coatings with infrared (IR) pigments. I will share some of the great info I have learned from here on out on the critical path issues surrounding IR reflective coatings and the reduction of carbon footprint that can occur by using them to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect (see my next post) . If I am halfway correct, there will be significant and measurable benefits from the broad spread, correct use of these specially pigmented coatings on all exterior building and paved surfaces. I believe that this will be shown to be an understatement. I’ll be happy to be shown just how much so at any time it becomes quantifiable from majority use of these energy efficient, solar reflective paints and coatings. 



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